Sunday, May 3, 2009

Rainy Day Birds

Of course we have Starlings.  They are rude scruffy birds and a great pest.  They travel in flocks and do damage to crops and stored grain.  They lay their eggs in the nests of other birds and are bullies at the bird feeders.  

Although there are approximately 200 million starlings in North America, they are all descendants of approximately 60 birds released in 1890 in Central Park, New York, by Eugene Schieffelin, who was a member of the Acclimation Society of North America.  He was reputedly trying to introduce to North America every bird species mentioned in the works of William Shakespeare.  There likely is a special place in Hell for Mr Schieffelin.

Here is the Bluejay. This bird is a noisey clown with a distinctive cry. They are boisterous visiters but pay their dues by being colorful. Jays are some of the more intelligent birds. They will wait and watch for a person to put food down and as soon as the person walks away they will swoop down and steal it. Along with crows, jays will also watch a person planting seed crops and afterwards dig up and eat the seeds.

I love the little brown wrens. They like thistle seed and seem to like the suet too. They are dainty little birds with short tails and quick movements. They have a sweet song.

We are back from church and it is still raining. But rain or no rain the birds are still hungry. I took a few more bird pictures while Susan is enjoying a little rainy Sunday afternoon nap. I'm sorry for so many bird pictures but when it is raining, taking pictures through the window is about all there is. Besides, I like my birds. They provide a lot of entertainment for a little birdseed.