Thursday, April 23, 2009

My Back Garden

These have been nice for a week or so, but they will start to fade in another few days. It is starting to get warm and they like cooler weather.

This is what is blooming in my back garden right now. Other things will replace them soon. The idea is to have something blooming all the time.

The shrub rose is a relatively new variety. I planted these about 3 years ago to make a screen along the side yard. At the time the fence along this side was chain link and Smokey liked to run up and down and bark at whatever was next door. The problem was that in doing so he stomped on the roses and broke them down. Mike extended the wooden privacy fence and that eliminated the problem. Now that he is not stepping on the rose bushes they are filling in and getting taller.

The variety is called Knockout. It is hardy, desease resistant and practically indestructable. It also blooms non-stop all summer until frost. The blooms are not individually showy but bloom in mass. Since I planted these another variety has been introduced that is fuller and a darker red. Not surprisingly it has become a very popular rose for landscape planting.


Zhu said... [Reply to comment]

Nice flowers. I had no idea some flowers liked cool weather best. I guess it makes sense...

Tulsa Gentleman said... [Reply to comment]

Some flowers are delicate and wilt when it gets too hot -- like pretty little French girls.

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

Cheeky comment!!!! I am finding it hard to come to terms with your weather and the plants that are already blooming in APRIL - our blossom trees are only just beginning to flower and the tulip tree is only now looking beautiful.
All I can have as a "garden" in my apartment is two hanging baskets and I'm still taking delight at the winter-flowering pansies. My summer baskets cannot be collected from the nursery until 6 June to ensure all night frosts are finished.


Elleona said... [Reply to comment]


Merci pour le très beau diaporama des fleurs de saison.
Chez nous, les iris ne sont pas encore fleuris mais ce sont surtout les fleurs jaunes des pissenlits qui ornent mes allées et mon terrain, lol !

Nous avons dû faire un grand enclos grillagé pour les chiens (un tiers du terrain)où ils vivent en toute liberté durant la journée. Autrement, ils passaient leur temps à déterrer les plantations et le jeune mâle à uriner sur les meubles de la terrasse :-(((
Il lui est arrivé de lever la patte sur un pied de fauteuil en nous regardant droit dans les yeux ! Il a eu droit à sa raclée, of course...
Bonne journée.

Tulsa Gentleman said... [Reply to comment]

Anne - But the weather in England is lovely. You have all that wonderful rain and fog. All the while we have to contend with this awful sunshine and these frivolous flowers. English weather builds character!

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

Bah humbug and other such Dickensian expletives!!!!!!