Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday Jigsaw Puzzle - Philbrook Garden 4

The Rear Facade of the Philbrook Art Museum, Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Looking north to south.


Julie said... [Reply to comment]

Mr Miller, William, Bill - we are friends, yes? So better from a friend than otherwise.

Vat is dis 'rear facade'? Facade is French for 'frontage' or 'face'.


Birdman said... [Reply to comment]

Great oxymoron here. hahaha! Love it. Good point Julie! Good point Tulsa! They both work. I do love your 'gardening', Tulsa. No dirty hands!

Unknown said... [Reply to comment]

According to Wikipedia:

A facade or façade (pronounced /fəˈsɑːd/) is generally one side of the exterior of a building, especially the front, but also sometimes the sides and rear. The word comes from the French language, literally meaning "frontage" or "face".

So the rear facade means the rear face. What's the matter with that?

Sharon's Mum Anne said... [Reply to comment]

Oxymorons or not - I loved it and it only took 12 mins to do :-)