Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ruby Tuesday - The Morton Arboretum, Chicago

On Saturday and Sunday of this week we drove from Tulsa to Chicago with an overnight stop in St Louis.  We are visiting Susan's son Mark and his wife Elena, and their four little girls.  We brought her daughter Jennifer's two children Molly and Will so we have full compliment of grand children.  Today we all visited the Morton Arboretum.  This vast complex covers 1,700 acres in two adjoining sections.  We were there for about 4 hours and barely made a dent.  I will try to share a few photos in the days ahead.  Currently a group of 14 nature-inspired steelroot sculptures by artist Steve Tobin are on display throughout the grounds.

Of course the main attraction for Susan was her grandchildren.  We will enjoy them all week and drive back to Tulsa next weekend.

Susan Cuddles the baby Niamh
Will and Molly, Moira, Calista, and Fiona.


Sharon's Mum Anne said... [Reply to comment]

What beautiful children, I guess Susan is in her element.

Love the RT theme and look forward to seeing more pictures in future posts.

stan said... [Reply to comment]

Wow the art installation is impressive! Great looking kids too!

Hilda said... [Reply to comment]

That root sculpture is fascinating. Not as creepy as the one I posted last week, thank goodness.

Susan's grandchildren are all gorgeous! I'm sure she's having a wonderful time with them. I hope you are too. (My husband gets quite dizzy when all my nieces are around.) :)

Auntie E said... [Reply to comment]

I will have to put this place on my list to visit. Great ruby find.
My Ruby Link for you

Lois said... [Reply to comment]

How fun to spend time with the grandchildren! Those root sculptures almost look like aliens going for a walk. Very unusual!

DrillerAA said... [Reply to comment]

Outstanding Ruby Tuesday post. Great looking group of grand kids as well. Aren't they just the best?

Micki02 said... [Reply to comment]

what a beautifull familly ! your grand children are lovely ! Molly and W_ill have grow up !
As I told you, I alway dream to visit Chicago, may be one day when I will be an old woman !!

EG CameraGirl said... [Reply to comment]

The roots look a little creepy like aliens maybe, though that wouldn't stop me from visiting the arboretum. :)

What a lovely family! It's wonderful when a family get together for fun.

caite said... [Reply to comment]

great photos, but I have to agree those sculptures are rather creepy.

MACs_Mom said... [Reply to comment]

The root sculpture is really neat. I wonder... if I take what Sunday's storm brought down and painted it...

Yogi♪♪♪ said... [Reply to comment]

I just love arboretums. I don't know anything about plants, trees, and such but I like looking at them.

I'd love those tree root sculptures. So cool!

We are headed to San Diego tomorrow.

Snowcatcher said... [Reply to comment]

I love the Ruby sculpture, but I love seeing your grandchildren even more. I hope your week is wonderful!