Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Woolaroc: Woods, Lakes, and Rocks

Woolaroc was established in 1925 as the ranch retreat of oilman Frank Phillips. The ranch is a 3,700 acre wildlife preserve. Here a spring makes a lovely waterfall as it empties into one of the lakes.

There are actually 3 lakes stepping across the property.

The white buffalo was onsidered sacred by the native Indians who first lived here. This is actually a cast fiberglass buffalo. There are 15 of these to be "adopted" by various organizations as part of the Bartlesville Buffalo Stampede. Each is painted in a distinctive manner by the organization with the proceeds going to a charity. The Tulsa World had a nice article on the Buffalo Stampede.


private duty nursing tulsa said... [Reply to comment]

Very nice pictures you have taken..

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

The white buffalo is really, something I had never seen before. Art in the middle of the nature!