Thursday, June 11, 2009

Nightingale Theatre

The Nightingale Theater is an affordable, alternative venue available to local and touring companies. Since February 2000, the theater has been host to over 275 individual theatrical events, with more than 750 actual performance dates; that averages to over 100 performances per calendar year, making us one of the busiest stages in the region.

The Nightingale Theater is located in a small industrial park on Fourth Street in Tulsa, Oklahoma; the theater's rounded metal facade immediately sets it apart from the surrounding brick and concrete buildings. One block East of Peoria, the theater borders both the East Village and downtown, and is easily accessible to the Brady and Blue Dome districts. Inside, our stadium-style seating is mobile to accommodate any type of traditional or non-traditional seating arrangements, and the backstage area has a 40-foot ceiling ideal for set and prop construction. For more information look HERE