Monday, June 1, 2009

Greenwood Cultural Center

Another view looking north on Greenwood Avenue just above Archer. The overpass is Interstate 244.

On the north side of the overpass is the Mabel B. Little Heritage House. The former home of Sam and Lucy Mackey, this was one of the few houses left standing after the 1921 race riots. It is now part of the larger Greenwood Cultural Center. At the moment it is displaying an exhibition of paintings by black artists.

A few days ago I showed reproductions of posters for the annual Juneteenth Festival painted on a cement wall. That is the north side of Interstate 244 which crosses just north of Greenwood and Archer. It is hard to visualize all this so I hope this panorama will help put it all together. Click to enlarge.

This panorama looks South on Greenwood towards Archer with the Juneteenth murals visible on the wall of the overpass, then to the Mabel B. Little Heritage House and Greenwood Cultural Center with the marble Race Riot memorial next to it. Looking on around to the north on Greenwood is the open area where Juneteenth is held, and the south edge of the large and beautiful Tulsa campus of Oklahoma State University. There is a lot going on in this historic area. More about this tomorrow. Stay Tuned.


Sunshine said... [Reply to comment]

My senior prom was held at the Greenwood Cultural Center. It really is a beautiful part of Tulsa with a rich history.I'm so glad to see that it's getting the recognition it deserves.