Sunday, March 8, 2009

David from McAlester

As we were enjoying our lunch yesterday a gentleman rode up on his 3-wheeled Motorbike. This had to be the slickest thing I have seen in a long time. It is custom made by Thoroughbred Motors and this model is call a Stallion. When we admired his ride he introduced himself as David from McAlester Oklahoma and told he was on his way back home after picking up the nifty trailer he had ordered custom made from the dealer up in Afton. We did not have to encourage him very much to tell us all about it.

The drive train is all made and maintained by Ford. It has a 4 cylinder engine, 4 speed automatic that gets 45 miles to the gallon, heat, air conditioning(!), and a fine stereo sound system. I think it has other features but I can't remember them all. David is a scuba diving instructer and he showed us how all his gear will fit in the trunk of the trike and in the new trailer. He was very proud of his rig. He said that after riding it for 300 miles during the day he had decided to have a new seat fitted with gelfoam for comfort. He seemed like a very nice fellow.

After he rode off I commented to Susan that David was likely to be single. How do you know she asked. Well, he has a custom made tricycle and trailer, he spends his time traveling and scuba diving and he looks very happy. No wife would let him get away with that. Then is when Susan slapped me.


Micki02 said... [Reply to comment]


Ohh Susan ! it always high mistrust what we say to a woman! It is true that this "bike" is very beautiful and very attractive, I'm not sure it is for large families! Personally I do not know where I could install my children and their father!
Good day

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

I'm with Susan on this one - you're on very sticky ground.
What a fascinating vehicle though and how bizarre to have a/c fitted on a motor bike!!!!! Only a man would want that sort of a toy......


Elleona said... [Reply to comment]


Certes, la mécanique est très belle et que dire de la carrosserie ?! Mais cela ne peut convenir qu'à un célibataire, voyageant beaucoup et sans attache affective, non ?
Nous, les femmes, ne sommes pas si "attachées" ou éblouies par les belles mécaniques onéreuses et aux charmes métalliques, lol !

Unknown said... [Reply to comment]

Clearly this is a very expensive toy for a single man. There was a small seat behind him for a 2nd passenger but this was not on his mind. There was not room even for Smokey! Very impractical.