Saturday, March 14, 2009

Breakfast at the Blue Dome Diner

Susan and I treated ourselves to breakfast at the Blue Dome Diner downtown at 2nd and Elgin. This part of Tulsa is on the old Route 66 and was the heart of Tulsa in the 1920's when Tulsa was enjoying the oil boom. The downtown area fell into disuse as is true for a lot of cities, but is now being revitalized as an entertainment district.

This is only one of a number of good restaurants, bars, and music venues that are filling up the old storefronts again. It is a "happening place".

Cara is the business manager, waitress, assistant cook and all around sweetheart. She makes sure my coffee cup never runs low.

My son Luke is the chef, although that may be too fancy a term in a diner. We will say he is the head cook. He is a marvel to watch him moving non-stop, arms flying, flipping pancakes and mixing omelets. He is a pro.

Here is the best breakfast in town. An omelet with pork sausage and mushrooms, fried potatoes , and a small(?) side of walnut-blueberry pancakes. Luke decorated them with half a banana. Served with real butter, warm maple syrup, and a bottomless cup of black coffee. Sue had a mushroom and swiss cheese omelet and a side of biscuits and cream gravy. Heaven!


Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

Do you get special portions from Luke?
You're using words I know but don't understand in your context i.e. biscuits with cream gravy.
For an English person that doesn't make sense. A biscuit is something you have mid-afternoon with a cup of tea. Cream and gravy simply don't go together.
Cream is poured or whipped and eaten with dessert (or put into coffee. Gravy is a savoury "sauce" and served with roasts or the ubiquitous Yorkshire puddings which are not puddings but a savoury starter.
What do they say, the same language divided by the ocean? I know I've misquoted there but I'm sure you know what I'm trying to say.


Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

Micki: I tried getting to you via Bill's site "Lesalondemicki" and my computer put up a sign which said I cannot have access!!!
I wonder what we have done, or said, to each other for the computer to be so abrupt?!!!!!

However, my son will be home from holiday this weekend and when he eventually pops in to see me I shall ask him if he can sort me out. Meanwhile, I'll "chat" via Bill.


Unknown said... [Reply to comment]

Anne - What you call biscuits we call cookies. What we call biscuits are small fluffy quick breads baked in an oven. Cream gravy is a white gravy made by stirring flour in with the grease from cooking the sausage then adding milk, or cream is you want it very rich. White or "cream" gravy is kind of a southern thing. My mother always made cream gravy from the fried chicken on Sunday and we put it on steamed rice rather than mashed potatoes. That is still one of my favorite "Sunday dinners".

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

Nice breakfast! I'd have the omelet!

When I first came to Canada, I found the idea of eating eggs and salty stuffs for breakfast kind of gross. French only drink coffee, or have a sweet roll or croissant.

But I got used to it and now I love it! I don't eat eggs etc. that often though.