Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Swan Lake

A nice bronze statue of a young man with a swan at the east end of the lake.

Zooming down towards the west end we can see some of the lovely homes which surround the lake. I will revisit this when everything is nice and green and the flowers are blooming.

Looking down the length of the lake from east to west. I have stitched two photos together to allow us to see both the north and south sides of the lake. The lake is considerable longer east to west than north to south.

I love Google, it tells me everything.  Just for fun I went to Google Earth and zoomed in on Swan Lake.  I was standing at the yellow pin, and took my panoramic photo in the direction of the yellow arrow.  That is Swan Lake.

A curving drive circles Swan Lake and provides access to the nice homes on the outside of the drive. Rest areas are provided around the lake with benches for sitting. A fence encircles the lake for safety, and to discourage people from pestering the water fowl.

This interesting little area is not 5 minutes away from our house. Today is grey and rather dreary but I took some pictures to share. It is really beautiful when the plants are green but it is still a nice area. Besides, my new camera came with some clever software that allows me to stitch several photos together in a panorama and I wanted to try that out.

Swan Lake is a historic district in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Its borders consist of 15th Street to the North, Utica Street to the East, 21st Street to the South, and Peoria Avenue to the west.

At one time, Spring-fed Orcutt Lake was the watering hole for a ranch belonging to Colonel A. D. Orcutt, a member of Oklahoma's first legislature. In 1908, a group of developers led by Colonel Orcutt's son, Samuel A. Orcutt, purchased 25 acres (100,000 m2) in Orcutt Addition to build a park and an artificial lake. An amusement park, built by the lake in 1910, marked the end of the trolley line. Other park facilities included an enclosed dance pavilion, a swimming pool, and, later, a roller-coaster. There is no trace of any of this today. By 1917, Orcutt Lake Amusement Park had become a residential area and was renamed Swan Lake.

Two-story houses built around the lake from 1919 to the present represent a variety of architectural styles including Spanish, Georgian Revival and various interpretations honoring the swan. The remainder of the neighborhood is similar in scale. The Swan Lake area has more two- and three-story, 1920 to 1930 multi-family apartments and duplexes than any other residential area in Tulsa.

From time to time the lake is populated by swans, although they don't thrive here naturally. At the moment no swans are resident. although a number of ducks and geese have settled here.


Elleona said... [Reply to comment]


Bill, votre nouvel appareil photo + les quelques logiciels astucieux font des merveilles ! En effet, pouvoir transformer les images est "diaboliquement" intéressant... Certes, mon mini appareil photo est beaucoup moins perfectionné mais je ne suis pas une photographe "in".
Quant aux gaufres avec le café du matin... je m'invite volontiers et, virtuellement, je croque dedans !
Bizzzzz à tous les deux - Suzan doit être rentrée , non ?

Elleona said... [Reply to comment]

Quels logiciels ?
Peut-on les charger gratuitement ?

Micki02 said... [Reply to comment]

these photos are beautiful and the camera is not solely responsible! requires the eye. However the software is very useful as my camera was not delivered and I miss it sometimes!
Your swan lake is very beautifu, I 'ld like to see it in summer with sun and flowers!
Kisses for you and Susan

Unknown said... [Reply to comment]

The software which came with my camera is very clever. I will post a link so you can download it.

Yes, Susan came home last night and we were happy to have her back.