Tuesday, April 7, 2009

White Dogwood

Dogwoods are relatively small trees that branch horizontally rather than growing tall. This growing habit makes them suitable for planting close to a building. A popular combination is to plant a dogwood in a foundation planting over azaleas. They may be espaliered but usually are allowed to grow naturally.

Since dogwoods are often planted close together or under larger trees they do not generally get very large. When planted out in the open this is about as large as a dogwood gets.

Dogwoods tend to spread out rather than up, and as a result the blooms lay in long sprays or layers. This gives them the kind of wide graceful lines of a Japanese Bonzai trees on a larger scale. There are many beautiful trees that bloom in the spring, but to me, the most magnificent is the dogwood.

Smokey and I took a long drive through the older part of Tulsa centered around 31st and Lewis. The dogwood trees are coming into full bloom and I took many more nice photographs than I can possibly post here. Once they start blooming they will dominate the garden landscapes for weeks. They are very striking when planted with redbud trees, or with a mixture of pink and red. They are gorgeous when planted with azaleas. Today let's admire some white dogwoods.


Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

I'm assuming, maybe erroneously, that the first picture is your back garden. If so, you have a very similar view from your window as me. In the spring there is a cherry tree which comes into full blossom and because my apartment is first floor, I look out on to a see of palest pink blossom. My first impression is that it is snowing outside, it catches me out every year!


Unknown said... [Reply to comment]

I wish I had such a beautiful tree in my back garden. The pink dogwood is at the church we attend. They are very beautiful when they are in full bloom. Tulsa is covered with them this time of year.