Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Mighty Rain

Colors are soft and muted.

The gullies become little rivers.

The street disappears in a curtain of rain.

It has rained all morning and all afternoon. The rain began last night with a good deal of thunder and lightning. Smokey, who is frightened by storms, has stuck to me like glue and shivers constantly. When the rain begins to pound on the roof he pants. Poor fellow.

I have always enjoyed thunderstorms. I love to sit under a porch out of the rain and watch it pour down just beyand my reach. When I was a little kid thunderstorms never woke me up, but my mother would come in and wake me to ask if I was OK. Then she would say that since I was awake I was to keep her company because she was frightened. I never understood that, but Smokey understands.


Fanyoun said... [Reply to comment]

Je viens faire ta connaissance et c'est vrai que ton blog est intéressant.
I'll comme back to see you and i'm sorry for the rain. I'm living in Nice and I send you the sun.
See you soon.

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

Very evocative rainy day pictures - so like my own country!!!!!

I smiled at your Mum being unhappy in a storm - I had an aunt who was totally petrified and when the thunder and lightening struck she would escape to the cupboard under the stairs. She had a deck chair there so she could sit in comfort throughout the storm! For myself I'm not enthused by them and, when I was working, hated driving in them. Luckily, Leeds doesn't get too many storms, we're protected by the hills of the Pennines.


P.S. I feel for Smokey - do you get many thunderstorms?

Unknown said... [Reply to comment]

Thanks for your comment Fanyoun and welcome to the neighborhood. Come back soon.

Oklahoma gets first rate thunderstorms. We are squarely in what is known as tornado alley. I love it.

Elleona said... [Reply to comment]

Je vois que votre blog s'élargit puisque j'y retrouve Fany !
Pour ma part les orages ne m'effraient et j'adore les vivre dans la petite caravane qui donne l'impression d'être directement dans la nature...
Après la pluie la nature est belle, comme lavée...
Bisous à Sue et vous et caresses à Smokey.

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

Do you have to go underground when a tornado strikes (or have I seen too many films)???????

Why isn't Smokey called Toto?


Unknown said... [Reply to comment]

The chances of being killed in a tornado are less than getting struck by lightning and much less than being killed in a car crash. Those of us who are native to this area take storms for granted.

The thing about a tornado is that they skip and jump around and are not on the ground that much and when they do touch down the area affected is usually less that 100 meters wide. Granted that a tornado can do horrific damage in a direct hit, but the odds of being in one are really quite small.

If we were in the path of a tornado we would go to the little interior hallway that connect the bathroom and the bedrooms as that is the strongest part of a house. We don't have a storm celler and don't feel in need of one.

Smokey on the other hand, would be happy to have a hole to crawl into whenever it rains, but that's Smokey.