Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Ruby Tuesday - Red Lincoln

How about a big fat Maroon Lincoln with white sidewalls even?  This doesn't even need to be pimped.  Imagine taking your sweetie to the drive-in movie in this.  Something spooky so she will be scared and sit on your lap.  Oh yes, those were the days.  Except that all I had was a bicycle.

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Leedslass said... [Reply to comment]

Could you not tell us more about your youth Bill? I'm sure you have lots of memories:-)

I can quite see why that car was a girl-pleaser.

Liz said... [Reply to comment]

Still so shiny!

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Linda said... [Reply to comment]

That was, and still is, a beauty of a car! Love it!

DrillerAA said... [Reply to comment]

What a Ruby blast from the past, and in outstanding condition as well. This would make the perfect car for the Senior Prom. Nice find and capture.

bj said... [Reply to comment]

woo hooooo....beautiful olden car.
O and I so remember the "drive-in days".
The bad thing was...my curfew was 10:30, even as a senior in high school. In the summertime, getting dark so late, it was 9 before the movie even started. I never got to see a complete movie 'cause we always had to leave. Now, that being said,
there COULD have been other reasons I didn't see a complete movie all thru high school at the drive-in. :))

Chubskulit Rose said... [Reply to comment]

Simply beautiful!

Late visit from Ruby Tuesday. MY Ruby Post. Your comment will be greatly appreciated!