Friday, July 13, 2012

Road Trip Day 9 . Fantastic caverns

We came back home on I-44 through St. Louis to Tulsa. When Sue's daughter lived in St Louis we drove this route many times. Around Springfield, Missouri there are billboards advertising Fantastic Caverns. Every time we pass this way we agree that we should stop and see the caves some time. Well, this was the time. Here is the entrance from the parking lot.

When the tour begins we are ushered to a pair of vehicles consisting of a Jeep pulling a long trailer with bench seats down the sides. You see, the nice thing about this cave is that you drive through it - no walking. Sue and I got to sit in the Jeep because we are old and I am gimpy..

The cave was quite large and tall enough so that we could ride without bumping our heads. Lights have been placed so the formations are bathed in light. Stalactites drip down from the ceiling while stalagmites build up from the floor. As I remember from my scouting days it is like ants in the pants; the mites go up and the tights go down.  Yuk, yuk.

We enjoyed the large columns.  When the mites and the tites grow together it is called a column.

This area might have been my favorite.  The drapery formations around the large column were really nice.

And of course the gift shop.  These little wind chimes are made with colorful slices of geodes drilled and strung with nylon fishing line.  They had lots of souvenirs made from rocks.  We bought a geode wind chime, a pair of candle holders and of course, a coffee cup.  Everywhere we go I get a coffee cup.

From here we drove on to Tulsa and home. We had a nice road trip - 1929 miles. We made no plans therefore we avoided the stress of trying to adhere to a schedule. We enjoyed the drive, stopping here and there so I could take pictures. We went to one thing each day and took our time looking and reading the labels. Generally the motels had a little breakfast buffet of some sort. Sometimes just cereal, rolls and coffee, sometimes scrambled eggs, and the do it yourself waffle machines. After breakfast we drove to the attraction of the day. In the afternoon we stopped and had a nice sit down lunch, then in the evening Sue fixed sandwiches from provisions in our ice chest. We relaxed, watched TV, and in the morning slept until we woke up. It was about the most enjoyable holiday we ever had. It was good to take a long road trip, and even better to get home.
Thank you for coming along!


Leedslass said... [Reply to comment]

I almost feel as though I've been on holiday with you both. I think this would have been one of my most favourite places to visit (because I love the gift shop):-)
Thank you so much for taking us all along with you, I hope we all behaved ourselves x

DrillerAA said... [Reply to comment]

I don't think that I have ever visited Fantastic Caverns, and I lived in Springfield for two years. Thanks for taking us along on your vacation, I really enjoyed the trip.

desi Traveler said... [Reply to comment]

Very interesting place, and great pictures. Not having to walk for such a long distance is a cool feature here.