Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Father Luke

Fatherhood has come to my youngest son Luke and he is enjoying it.  Wren has him tightly wound around her finger.

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Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

awww! So sweet!

caite said... [Reply to comment]

Have to agree..very sweet.

Yogi♪♪♪ said... [Reply to comment]

What a photo. It tells volumes about them two. You have to be proud.

DrillerAA said... [Reply to comment]

They don't call them "Daddy's little girls" for nothing. I've got a daughter and three grand daughters. They've all got me wrapped up.

Tes said... [Reply to comment]

what a poignant picture! wordlessly lovely! :)

Leedslass said... [Reply to comment]

I was going to say exactly the same as Driller - I was a Daddy's girl, my daughter was a Daddy's girl - 'twas ever thus.

That's a beautiful photograph.