Monday, May 16, 2011

Road Trip Day 9, Monday - Great Smokey Mountains

We continued down the Blue Ridge Parkway in fog and rain.  The road runs down the ridge line and the overlooks go from one side to the other.  A good bit of the time we were in a cloud.
The  fog/cloud gave everything a soft haze.
The view from the top.

There was a sign that explained the geology.
We did get a pretty good view of Looking Glass Rock.

In Cherokee, North Carolina we visited the Cherokee National Museum. Between 1836 and 1838 most Cherokees were forced to abandon their property in the south-eastern states to settle in what is now Oklahoma.  See HERE.  

Cherokee history is told with Dioramas.
And with historical artifacts.

From the Cherokee Museum we drove west on highway 441 through the Great Smokey Mountain National Park
We enjoyed the scenery as best we could -
as we drifted in and out of the clouds.


Lucy Corrander : Photos said... [Reply to comment]

What an incredible journey. I have a little lump of awe in my throat simply from this little glimpse.

Mists may obscure the view but they are part of mountain landscapes and are wonderful.


caite said... [Reply to comment]

I must say, I had near perfect weather for my trip on the BRP..but a bit of mist is beautiful.