Monday, June 6, 2016

Sulphur Oklahoma, Chickasaw Capital and the Arbuckle Mountains

The weekend of May 29 to 31, Sue and I spent 3 days in South-central Oklahoma around Sulphur OK, and enjoyed the beautiful country there. I have lived in Oklahoma all of my life but had never been in this scenic area before. Sulphur is home to the capital of the Chickasaw Nation and the Chickasaw Cultural center. The Chickasaw National Recreation Area is nearby and is the boundary between eastern woodlands and western prairie. Twenty miles away is Davis Oklahoma and scenic Turner Falls, the largest waterfall in the state at 77 feet. We will return again. It is well worth the trip.

 Rock Creek runs through the park with many opportunities for swimming and fishing.

 Turner Falls from the overlook.

 At the base of Turner Falls is a lovely swimming area. Sue enjoyed the water.

 The Travertine Nature Center

 Chickasaw Honor Garden.

Chickasaw Traditional Village


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Dear Bill

Très heureuse d'avoir eu votre petit mot au sujet de vos années sabbatiques qui valent bien les miennes, lol !
Je me faisais du souci à votre sujet d'autant que je n'avais pas eu de réponse à mes voeux virtuels de "bonne année". Le principal est que tout aille bien pour vous,Sue et Smokey.