Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Ruby Tuesday - Play T-Ball

I drove over to Wagoner Saturday morning to watch my son Luke's little girl Wren play her first game of T-ball.  Three year old T-ball is an interesting game.  The ball is hit from the top of a waist high rubber tube. There are no outs, no score, and every batter gets on base.  The idea is to teach the kids about being part of a team and gain a general idea of baseball.  Each player can have a helper (dad, mom) who is on the field with them to keep them pointed in the right direction.  It is a bit chaotic but highly entertaining.  Wren did great.  She is the only girl on the team and not in the least intimidated by that.  She has her very own pink glove, a pink bat and she had a ball (pun intended).

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Gemma Wiseman said... [Reply to comment]

The little looks so bright and adorable all decked out in her gear. So many reds happening in your photos. Beautiful.

Yogi♪♪♪ said... [Reply to comment]

This kind of stuff is good times.