Thursday, October 18, 2012

Tulsa's Finest

As many of you know, I walk with difficulty and use a power wheelchair to get around.  Today (Wednesday) after visiting the Health Zone, I felt very tired and light headed on the way home.  Rather than lower the chair and ride it inside, I stumbled up the walk with my cane.  I began to feel faint and realized that I was going down.  I tried to make it to a chair on the porch but fell into it heavily and the chair and I both slid off into the shrubbery.   I ended up on my back under a bush with my legs still on the porch.  Nothing was injured other than my pride, but I knew I was going to need assistance getting back on my feet.  Reluctantly I called 911 from my cell phone as asked for help.  Within a few minutes a fire truck pulled up with three sturdy looking guys who gently hoisted me back up on the porch, sat me down, and checked me over.  Although I insisted I was fine, an ambulance pulled up and offered to take me to the ER.  I talked them out of that and convinced  them to just help me inside to stretch out on the bed.

Before they left I persuaded them to pause for a group picture.  This whole episode could have been very embarrassing but the courtesy and professionalism of these young people made me feel very grateful.  I suppose they were just doing their job but their concern was very genuine, and to me was very personal.  There is not much else I can do but say thank you, and God bless you.  You guys are OK.


Rosemary said... [Reply to comment]

Bill, please, next time don't get out of the bloody car! Look after yourself.

Leedslass said... [Reply to comment]

So glad you're OK. I too had a visit from the ambulance during the night the other evening but unbeknownst to me!! I have a medic alert which went off and the powers that be, not being able to contact me, sent out an ambulance and crew to my aid! The house manager where I live let them into my apt. and there was I, deep in the arms of Morpheus, totally unaware of the kerfuffle my medi-alarm going off had caused. I'm told the ambulance man checked my breathing and decided it would probably kill me if he woke me and I found a stranger in my bedroom!! I learned about the above the following morning but it's good to know the speedy response one gets from these tiny life savers. I was just sorry that, through no fault of mine, they had had a wasted call-out. All's well than ends well with the pair of us - the joys of aging Bill:-)

Yogi♪♪♪ said... [Reply to comment]

That is kind of scary Bill.

Our Firemen, EMT's, and Police and are very professional.

Only you could talk them into a group picture.

I'm glad you are okay. I'm glad you are working out at the Health Zone. I'm there most mornings about 6.

Cheri said... [Reply to comment]

We have been in similar situations and our EMT's are awesome. Glad you are OK.

Kateri said... [Reply to comment]

Glad you are okay. I love EMTs!(I am a visiting nurse and occasionally have to call 911 when I get to a patient's home.) They are always prompt, courteous, and very professiona.